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What is Worklocker?

Worklocker is a nationally branded retail solution designed to give stores a competitive edge when going up against direct suppliers and vertical operators across Workwear, Corporate Wear, Safety & PPE.  

We have over 30 independently owned and operated Worklocker stores in Australia and growing at a steady rate. In our experience, Worklocker stores achieve a higher rate of success in comparison to their previous self-branded independent store.

The Worklocker team is passionate about supporting each other as "one team, one dream" to ensure all stores are given the best opportunity to be successful. By becoming a Worklocker store, you’ll join a community of highly experienced business owners, who are more than willing to share their wealth of knowledge. The Worklocker community is a tight-knit group, here to help you troubleshoot common issues, inspire you with new ideas and give personal insights into their own successful ventures, highlighting any potential risks to ensure you get the best outcome to meet your goals.


Strong National Brand

The Worklocker brand is strong and perceived as a national brand in the market. Based on our figures, stores that have rebranded to Worklocker have achieved a higher rate of growth. Worklocker’s also experience a significant rise in the number of young customers (aged 18-25) after rebranding, as the youth market favour the concept of a ‘big box store.’


Flexibility of Independence

Worklocker stores are independently owned through a licensing agreement under the Worklocker brand. This allows the store owner to benefit from a strong national brand AND provides them with the ability to operate independently. We believe retailers achieve greater success when they have the freedom to steer their business as they see fit, customising it to suit their unique demographic.


Business & Marketing Support

Worklocker Head Office offers a full suite of marketing and business support from annual catalogue programs, social media management to benchmarking. Our head office team are always on hand to support you with any queries you may have, and our Directors are overflowing with great advice being independent retailers themselves.


Business & Marketing Support

We have a diverse range of preferred suppliers who are engaged with our business model and committed to supporting our members to achieve the competitive edge they need when going up against direct suppliers and vertical operators. In return, our preferred suppliers enjoy a significant boost in sales volumes and continued growth year-on-year.   

We are not about screwing suppliers to the wall but rather forming relationships that are mutually benefitting. Where commercial circumstance requires, suppliers may offer differential pricing to individual members, but under the umbrella of the agreed deal.

Our core objective is to negotiate lower prices and higher margins for our members. Equally, we want to support our preferred suppliers by leveraging the group buying power to generate higher volumes. This delivers a mutually beneficial working relationship between our members and preferred suppliers.

While our communication lines are always open and transparent with our suppliers throughout the year, we meet with our suppliers annually to review our negotiated deals and work to strengthen and improve where possible. This includes negotiation items such as settlement discounts, advertising support, quarterly rebates and long-term incentives.

Each member is responsible for their own relationship with each supplier. They open their own accounts and are responsible for ordering, payment, account maintenance etc directly with each supplier.

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